Catalyst Package: Learning Content + Online 1:1 Coaching (3 Sessions)

Embark on your mental health journey with our 3-session program! Kickstart changes and achieve first victories as you reduce stress, prevent burnout, and build resilience with personalized coaching.

What's included:

Online Learning Content:

  • 15 Learning Modules, including videos, audios and activities
  • Health & Well-being Questionnaire
  • Mental Health Journal
  • 3 Steps to Mental Health Workbook

Personalized 1:1 Online Coaching Sessions:

  • 1-hour  Planning Coaching Session
  • 2x 0.5-hour Review Coaching Sessions

Please read the terms and conditions in the Coaching Agreement.

What People Are Saying:

I cannot praise Yvonne enough for her motivational energy and unwavering dedication to my mental well-being. Her encouragement and belief in my potential have empowered me to overcome challenges and strive for personal growth. Yvonne's positive energy and genuine care have been a driving force in my transformation.


$550.00 AUD